Chapter one begins at the ripe young age of 13, when a white kid from the suburbs became enamored with underground hip hop and the culture surrounding it. With months of savings from my paper route job, I had my mind and my heart set on a pair of turntables.  Drawing inspiration originally from my dad's old record collection, I eventually started digging through crates at yard sales and local record shops to build my own collection. I quickly learned to appreciate many genres of music.

What began as a bedroom hobby turned into parties, competitions, and then my first paying gig at a local middle school dance. That school dance turned in to many more and eventually, I got booked for my first wedding gig at age 15. Seeing the earning potential there allowed me to focus my efforts on building my first small business in the wedding industry. 

Somewhere along the way, I started sampling passages from some of my favorite records, chopping them up, and turning them in to new compositions. Recording my own album as a 13/14 year old gave me the opportunity to teach myself basic recording software, which laid the foundation for my passion for recording music.