Emotional % Analysis

Project Commencement

Chapter four begins with a producer and his engineer without a studio, an old 10,000 sq ft warehouse in East Nashville, and a whole lotta vision. I spent months searching for the perfect place to call home, but nothing felt right until I stumbled on this diamond in the rough. She was a little rough around the edges, but the bones were good, and there was just enough unique character and potential poking through the years of dust, dirt, and neglect that had piled up. See emotional analysis at right for pie chart upon project start. 


2 months in.

A couple long, cold months in, and things were beginning to take shape. Powering through the massive gutting and the deep cleanse, the framework had started to outline the vision that carried us through those cold winter months. See updated emotional analysis pie chart to left. 

Fast forward to early 2016, and I can look around and enjoy what my team and I have built over the past year: two world-class recording studios - one for tracking and one for mixing. Eight small studios used as songwriting and demo rooms. A multi-million dollar screen printing facility employing a new team of over 30 people. A boutique record label and growing music publishing company. Over the past couple years, I've gone from excited to burnt-out, to excited again, and I am thrilled with this little community that's developing and thriving at our little complex in East Nashville. 

In 2015-16, South x Sea was included on the Inc. List of Fastest Growing-Companies in America and awarded "Small Business of the Year" by the Nashville Business Journal. The company is positioned for continued growth and innovation both in music and merchandising. 

Here's a cool video my crazy talented friends at Complex | Rated Red made for their "Crafted" series. My only complaint is that there's way too much of my ugly mug and not nearly enough of the rest of the guys + gals on our team!

emotional % analysis

Project Completion