Things I’m learning about being good at everything:

It can mean that you’re not great at anything.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.

I’m sure we all grew up knowing someone who was good. at. everything.

Here’s one example: The kid in high school who played every sport, made straight A’s, and was loved by teachers and students alike.

Here’s another: There’s not been a single person I’ve seen my grandpa struggle to engage in conversation with. He is an incredibly smart man, and he knows at least enough about seemingly every topic in the world to carry on a conversation. It’s a quality I’ve always really admired about him.

The alternative example may be those who focus and specialize in one thing, and who commit with such discipline and excellence that they become extraordinary. A world class athlete, musician, listener, friend, nurse, dentist, humanitarian, researcher, educator, martial artist.. you get the picture.

I fall more in the first category and that’s where I’m naturally wired to be. I know that it sometimes get me in to trouble, when I want to learn or know or do too many things at once because they’re all so interesting to me. I’m learning what the balance looks like for me, and that is probably necessary for all of us, no matter if you fall somewhere between these categories or somewhere else completely.

I’m of the opinion that, like most things in life, we need to find our own balance. Equilibrium and alignment are an ongoing process and journey.